Show Rules, Guidance, Editing & Pro Photos

08 May

Paws for a Picture – guidance & rules to consider when entering photos including the use of photo editing & pro photos. 

If in doubt please just ask! You can achieve some fantastic looking photos with your camera on your phone – you don’t need expensive equipment or a paid photo to do well here!

When you are entering photos think about the class title, think about how it could be interpreted by, not just you, but by the class judges as well. 

Make sure you photo is clear & in focus, think about what’s in the background of your photo. 

Photo Editing What is allowed – Simple edits such as cropping of photos to remove things like unwanted people or animals are fine. A small change of colour balance & a sharpening effect are also fine just to tidy up a photo provided they do not significantly alter the photo from it’s original, natural form. 

What is not allowed – Using programmes such as Adobe Photoshop to significantly alter the photo from its original format. Super imposing your pets onto a background is not allowed – for example taking a photo of Fido on your sofa & putting him onto a background of a beach in the South of France! 

Similarly – any background in your photo must have been present at the time – so some people like to buy a white screen & sit their pet in front of it to make the pet stand out – that’s fine. 

What is not allowed is where the original background has been removed & a blank background edited in. Super imposing ‘props’ into your photo is also not allowed – any props used must be physically present at the time of the photo.

Filters such as Instagram & snapchat filters – these are not allowed. Sometimes we run a class called ‘Best Edited Photo’ with a theme – for example in Septembers’ show we had a Busy Bees – it’s clearly stated on the schedule that editing/photoshopping/imposing props etc are within the rules for this class. 

Black & white photos. These will be allowed in all classes as long as they were taken in black & white. We took into consideration that we allow Rainbow animals to compete in all classes & that some old photos were only produced in b&w - some exhibitors would therefore become excluded from entering.You are still not allowed to add insta filters to your photos AFTER the photo has been taken but if your camera was set to b&w to take the photo then those entries will be allowed. 

Entering ‘Professional’ photos. You may enter photos that were taken by a photographer other than yourself where you have that photographer’s permission to do so. 

Usually, once you have brought a photo from a photographer, they will send you a copy with their small digital signature in the bottom corner.However – Please bear in mind that our judges are judging the ‘Content’ of the photo – not the quality. 

So you can enter the most beautiful image in the world but if the ‘feel’ & ‘content’ are not what the judge is looking for you won’t be placed however much you paid for that photo! 

The spirit of Paws for a Picture shows are to have fun spending time with your pets & taking their photo whilst thinking about the class titles & thinking about how you will take that one shot that might just win you the title of Show Champion!! 

This is is a fun competition for the whole family to enjoy – I want everyone to have exactly the same chance of winning a rosette on a level playing field. 

Sometimes other competitors will ask me if I am sure a photo hasn’t been edited in some way – in this case I will contact the person concerned & ask for clarification – please don’t be offended if that’s you – I’m sure we all want to make these shows a fair for everyone as we can.

If the rules of the show are not for you – no problem – I wish you the best of luck in finding other shows that are more to your liking x

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