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About Us

About Us
  • The Original Online Pet Show - we have been running monthly shows for over 5 years!
  • We welcome all animals into our shows from all over the world.
  • Win Rosettes & Prizes from the comfort & safety of your own home.
  • Our luxury show rosettes are made in house by Paws Rosettes & Ribbons.
  • We have numerous businesses who support our show by providing prizes to the winners of our classes.
  • Every month we choose a charity to support & raise funds for from a class in the show <3 

Schedule of Classes


Paws Points Individual Leauge

Paws Points Individual LeaugePaws Points Individual Leauge
Paws Points are collected from the placings you win during a show.
They are awarded on a sliding scale from 1st - 10th
1st = 10 points. 2nd = 9 points. 3rd = 8 points. 4th = 7 points. 5th = 6 points. 6th = 5 points. 7th = 4 points. 8th = 3 points. 9th = 2 points. 10th = 1 point.
There are bonus points available too!
Show Champion = 10 points. Reserve Show Champion = 7 points. Best in Show = 5 points. Reserve Best in Show = 3 points.
Each accumulator runs for 4 months - 2021 = Feb - May. June - Sept. Oct - Jan (2022)
It's a totally FREE competition - everyone is automatically enrolled & I keep a detailed record of the points you have gained.
The top ten people at the end of each accumulator period win a super sized, luxury rosette.
Points are then re-set to 0 for everyone & we start again for the next period.

Video Entries For april 2021