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About Us

About Us
  • The Original Online Pet Show - we have been running monthly shows for over 5 years!
  • We welcome all animals into our shows from all over the world.
  • Win Rosettes & Prizes from the comfort & safety of your own home.
  • Our luxury show rosettes are made in house by Paws Rosettes & Ribbons.
  • We have numerous businesses who support our show by providing prizes to the winners of our classes.
  • Every month we choose a charity to support & raise funds for from a class in the show <3 

We are very grateful to the following businesses for sponsoring a class in June's show:
Meg Hill - Artist  
Airframe Assemblies  
Holly's Heavenly Home Treats  
Savannahs Photographs  
Life of Chicken  
Castell Ci Creations
Angel's Accessories  
Daisy's Doggy Deli  
Mansie Bunny Manor  
Tina Allen Equine Services  
Avon with Zoe Michelle  
Shanzi Dogs UK  
Cobby Dog  
Paws Rosettes & Ribbons  

Schedule of Classes



Paws Points Individual Leauge

Paws Points Individual LeaugePaws Points Individual Leauge
Paws Points are collected from the placings you win during a show.
They are awarded on a sliding scale from 1st - 10th
1st = 10 points. 2nd = 9 points. 3rd = 8 points. 4th = 7 points. 5th = 6 points. 6th = 5 points. 7th = 4 points. 8th = 3 points. 9th = 2 points. 10th = 1 point.
There are bonus points available too!
Show Champion = 10 points. Reserve Show Champion = 7 points. Best in Show = 5 points. Reserve Best in Show = 3 points.
Each accumulator runs for 4 months - 2021 = Feb - May. June - Sept. Oct - Jan (2022)
It's a totally FREE competition - everyone is automatically enrolled & I keep a detailed record of the points you have gained.
The top ten people at the end of each accumulator period win a super sized, luxury rosette.
Points are then re-set to 0 for everyone & we start again for the next period.

Video Entries 

Video Entries 

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